morning folks! we’re kicking off a brand new discography this week, and we’re taking a look at the albums of New York rock band Mother Feather. Their debut record Mother Feather, was released in 2016, combining the music of their indie EP releases with two new tracks. let’s dig in!

kicking things off, we got Living, Breathing. i really dig this as an opener – it’s got a real sense of flair that gets developed over the record, but this track’s a little subtler to start off, it’s got a nice build to it. Mirror has a similar almost subdued vibe to it, there’s some really fun guitar and bass work here, and it gets a really strong like, power rock tone to it, but this isn’t like, a super high-energy track over it’s runtime. it’s neat. Natural Disaster has just a delicious tone to it. Trampoline is v bright and funny – the chorus’s refrain of “I’m your tramp, tramp, tramp, trampoline” is both v catchy and v funny. love the strut of the guitar on this track too. the eponymous Mother Feather is the track i was MOST familiar with going into the record. this track feels like fire – i love the way it builds and crescendos and shifts. big fan. 747 employs a lot of extremely fun euphemism to create a very fun track. Beach House has a much mellower tone to it – driven by that delightful bass too. this feels a little more generic-indie-rock, but it’s got a very tender and sincere feeling to it, it’s quite nice. ooh and then they bring the strut back with The Power – this one’s kinda cheesy but it really fun ways. if i have any issues with sequencing, it’s that They Tore Down the Sk8 Park here instead of before The Power. i get creating a bit of a breather between the high energy of The Power and the tone that Egyptology brings, but They Tore Down has a really fun tongue-in-cheek humor to it, and even with the thematic tone it builds up quite well, that it coulda been a fun way to ramp outta Beach House and into The Power. still, nice track. Egyptology closes out in one of the highest-energy, campiest tracks on the record. THIS is a great way to close out this kind of record. massive fan of this track.

faves – Natural Disaster, Trampoline, Mother Feather, The Power, Egyptology
dislikes –

yeah this record is a really good time. there’s a kind of like, optimistic energy to it, dealing a lot with self-image, celebration, connection, and relationship, that’s fun to listen to, and the performances here are great. i mentioned earlier that kinda power-rock vibe to it – it feels like the kinda music with big hair and loud fashion, that’s got all kinds of strut and glamour. extremely strong energy to cultivate, and delivers on it quite well. like i mentioned, the track-to-track sequencing is p smooth, balancing some loud and energetic bombast with some broodier or more tender tracks. i really dug this release.

Mother Feather – 8/10

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