alrighty, folks, welcome back to the Green Day discography review! we’re diving into Shenanigans today, the band’s 2002 release that collected a variety of their b-sides from singles they’d released over the last four or so albums, plus some rarities and covers. let’s get to it.

the record opens with Suffocate, one of the B-sides from the single for Good Riddance (Time of Your Life). not too shabby of a track. Desensitized is another GR b-side, and hey this track slaps. great track here, even if the opening is a little off-putting. You Lied is the 3rd of the GR b-sides here, and this one ain’t too bad. got a jaunty vibe here, haha. Outsider is a Ramones cover, originally off the Warning single. p solid, but i’m also not familiar with the original. Don’t Wanna Fall In Love was recorded around Dookie but actually saw release with the Geek Stink Breath single. this one’s great. love this track. Espionage is a 007-style instrumental from the second Austin Powers movie. weird but fun. I Wanna Be On T.V. is a Fan cover, also originally from the Geek Stink Breath single. a real punk-y track, thats fun, but ultimately just an aight. track. Scumbag is another Warning single b-side, this one written by Mike Dirnt. its aight. Tired of Waiting For You is a Kinks cover, originally a Basket Case b-side. yeah this is a good cover, i like this one. Sick of Me is a weird shift, and a really interesting track. not a huge fan but its definitely not bad. Rotting was the last Good Riddance b-side, and i’m not big on this one. Do Da Da is a short lil track – love the bass on this one. dig a chunky lil track like this. On the Wagon, a Basket Case b-side, is a nice little track too, and a nice foil to some of the drinking heavy songs they’ve done. a nice morning after kinda track. Ha Ha, You’re Dead is the only track here which hadn’t seen prior release. another entry in the 924 Gilman saga, and what might be the last. this one’s aight – not sure its the strongest of the tracks here for a closer but it does the job.

faves – Desensitized, Don’t Wanna Fall In Love, Tired of Waiting For You
dislikes –

yeah i dunno, this was a fun compilation. records like this often have some real fun songwriting gems on them, but suffer from not having a real theme or a cohesive structure, and Shenanigans isnt breaking the mold in either case. there’s some tracks here i would’ve been sad to miss, but it definitely feels like “here’s some tracks you might’ve not gotten from the singles”.

check it out if you’re already on board.

Shenanigans – 6/10

next time we’ll be checking out their biggest hit, 2004’s American Idiot.

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