alright we’re back with Green Day’s 1997 record, Nimrod.

Nimrod opens with Nice Guys Finish Last, and this one’s got a great energy and rhythm to it. nice little teardown of “nice guys”. Hitchin’ a Ride has those great chunky chords and thumping drums, what a fun heavier style for them to be playing with. The Grouch was one of the surprise hits for me on this one – sometimes you gotta get down with a bad mood song. Redundant is a fantastically bittersweet ballad of sorts, and it is absolutely my favorite song off the record. i get there’s some less than nice stuff in the verses but the chorus is fully lovely. Scattered is a neat track – its got some licks and some turns i really enjoy but overall its just a fun track. All the Time has a real fun energy, esp for a song about alcoholism. Worry Rock is aaaalright. Platypus (I Hate You) is just a great track about hating some fucker. good times. Uptight has a damn catchy chorus to go with some real grim verses. a kind of companion to All the Time here. Last Ride In is a fun surf rocky kinda jam, i dig this one quite a bit. Jinx is fun – Last Ride In feels like an intermission of sorts, given the length of the record (for Green Day), so this kinda kicks off the second half. and it leads right into Haushinka, love that kinda transition. Haushinka’s fun! good vibes. man that harmonica in Walking Alone adds such a nice feeling to the track. Reject was kinda a late addition to the :arrow_up: list m, but it grew on me for sure. plus its got a fun story, haha. Take It Back is the hardest sound ive heard them explore, and i def would be interested in hearing them explore this kinda sound again. King For  Day is playing in the same space that the Mad Caddies like to explore, and yeah it sounds good here, this kinda ska-ish vaudeville sound. and that fits for a song about drag! i dont know that i have a ton to say about Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), other than a) still good, even after all the exposure, and b) DEEPLY funny that it’s not the closing track. i LOVE that it’s such a “closing song” and it would get used for so much shit like that and they don’t even have it close the record it’s on. esp since Prosthetic Head is such a jam, haha. kinda just okay as a closer, but the kinda uplifting energy of the instrumentation fits after a quiet track like Good Riddance, and i like the dark humor after such a serious track.

faves – Nice Guys Finish Last, Hitchin’ a Ride, The Grouch, Redundant, Platypus (I Hate You), King For a Day, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
dislikes –

damn this record just opens with fire huh. there’s a whole lot here to enjoy too – the tracks have a real nice variety, from some good variation in their normal fare to stuff like Hitchin’ a Ride or Last Ride In (or even Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)). plus, the band’s playing extremely well on this one. some phenomenal lyrics and vocals, and some of the riffs and jams in here are great.

i’d wager there’s something in these 18 tracks for everyone, though i admit there’s a run or two in here where i’m just kinda vibing.

not a ton else to say about this one. p fun experience, not topping my faves list but def in the top half of their releases, so far.

Nimrod – 7/10

next time we’ll be checking out their 2000 record, Warning.

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