welcome back folks, today we’re checking out Lady Gaga’s 2020 album Chromatica:


i’ll say right up front that i really liked the Chromatica tracks, I II and III. they give a cinematic vibe to the record, which is neat (even if i feel like some of the other tracks don’t bring the same energy), and they’re just good. it did make me wish they were treated like overtures – using snippets and bits from the melodies of tracks that would be coming up, but that’s not what these are for, haha. Alice is aight. the hook is EXTREMELY catchy, but it feels like the track strips itself down too much and too often around just her vocal hook there. there’s a bit in the last minute where it ramps up to a “drop” and then grooves for the last thirty seconds – i liked the last thirty seconds and wish it wasn’t in a push and pull with those vibes, yknow? Stupid Love is really fun. i REALLY liked the chopped vocal bit that’s thrown in there a lot, it reminded me a bit of the bits of Mystery Skulls i’ve really liked, and the really bright energy throughout the rest of it was really infectious. dug this track a lot. Rain On Me has some very pleasant vibes. the chorus is where this track really shines – there’s a lot of really funky electronic stuff happening in and around the chorus that i’m all about. sometimes i’m middling on this, sometimes i’m a big fan, i go back and forth. i’m not big on Free Woman. there’s some instrumental ideas explored here that are cool but i’m not huge on the track as a package, even if it’s got a good message. i like the meta references in the second verse of Fun Tonight – it’s also funny to reference imprisonment on the track after Free Woman. comin after the second Chromatica (with a really good transition), 911 is probs my fave track off the album. did not realize it was about her anti-psychotics until i went digging into the lyrics. the synth heavy instrumentation and EDM influences on the record so far have been fun – this track in particular seems to really play up that influence and play in that space in a way i really just enjoy a lot. Plastic Doll feels a little on the nose, but it’s got some real smooth sections to it. gotta say “state of art” as a joke about “state of the art” and also like, her pop-art style is very funny. Sour Candy leans harder again into the dance vibes and it’s a real good time. i’m on the fence with Enigma – there’s a really intense sax breakdown hiding in that song that i really want to see but don’t ever get and that’s a huge bummer. “the scars n my mind are on Replay” is a really good description of PTSD, ngl. instrumentally this song fucking rips. Sine From Above kicks off the tail end of the record – i really like hearing her sing with Elton John but this song ain’t my fave… largely because of the closing section of the track. 1000 Doves is nice as a kind of late album thesis, and it’s a nice more sincere moment near the close. Babylon is stupid but in the fun kind of way, plus it brings that sax i was looking for, how can i not love it.

faves – Stupid Love, 911, Replay, Babylon
dislikes –

yeah this album was a really good time. i’m no expert of electronica and EDM but i do enjoy the genres and it was great to see those mixed and played with in a decidedly poppy way here, and i thought this album was at it’s best when it was really digging into that space, really playing with those heavy synths and extremely infectious grooves. the string between Chromatica II and III are absolutely this album at it’s best.

thematically, i thought it was a cool discussion of where she’s at, of how she’s doing – struggling, dealing with trauma, but hopeful and working to improve things. that’s great, and i think it fits with the musical vibes they’ve created.

Chromatica – 7/10