hello folks! this week, we’re taking a look at a 2020 release from Machine Girl, RePorpoised Phantasy!

Cyan Hardcore is our first track here, and this one’s real fun and frantic. i think its the album art getting to me but this track’s extremely “beach level”-y to me, in all the best ways. neat the way it just kinda decays near the end. i really like Waited So Long a lot – a part of it is that it’s quite a bite mellower and soothing, but the grooves here also kick ass, and i like the way the samples are used. Greaze – Machine Girl Mix does some real interesting stuff providing the Machine Girl instrumental energy to a track. without having heard the original, the vocals here seem a good fit, but the remix does do a ton for me. solid listen, just not a huge hit for me. i like the placement of The Storm – the long, mellower intro (comparatively, as those drums arent what id call mellow on another release), leading into a fakeout “drop” is a nice moment to breathe after Greaze. Infinite Potentiality is my favorite song here for sure. the track’s got a lot of different movement and sections to it, and they flow together extremely well. its interesting to me the way the track turns so dark in the last minute – very fun composition, and an excellent note to end this release on.

faves – Waited So Long, Infinite Potentiality
dislikes –

yeah this was a neat lil release. i dug their approach to a vaporwave-ier sound, mixing in a bit more intensity or crunch in a very cool way.

RePorpoised Phantasy – 6/10

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