welcome back to the Skaject folks! it’s another new band to the Skaject, kind of – i mentioned when we talked about the Dance Hall Crashers that Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman, formerly of Operation Ivy, were involved in that band before departing early, and after bouncing around a bit in both genre and band, they formed this group, Rancid. this self-titled EP was their first release as Rancid, so let’s take a look!

I’m Not the Only One, the opening track, is a strong “fuck you” to authority, pointed mostly at the father of a girl the narrator knows, but at the end kind of broadly aimed at social authority. neat track with a strong hook but kinda too mellow verses. Battering Ram has the same problem to a bigger degree – they kinda lose me over the verses, but there’s a lot here to like in the transitional parts and in the kick ass bassline. The Sentence is fine – the best part here is a twangy guitar solo that i think gets cut a tad too short. Media Controller is part about violence and part about gentrification or mainstream influence in music scenes. knowing how the music scene that Operation Ivy, Green Day, and Rancid were in shines a bit of line on this one, haha. im not super into Idle Hands – the instrumentals here are fun but muddy.

faves –
dislikes –

interesting little project. none of the individual tracks jumped out at me, but there are bits here i really really enjoyed a lot, and it mostly made me interested to see how they’ll handle a full record, which i guess is probably the main goal of an intro EP like this, haha.

Rancid (EP) – 5/10

next week, we’re gonna be checking out the first Mustard Plug record, Skapocalypse Now!

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