hello folks! this week, we’re looking at Lucky Chops, the 2020 record from funk group Lucky Chops!

Halfway to the Hudson is a HELL of an opener – the thumpy sax backing up the drums and the other horns slowly coming in, one after another, right from the get go this track grabs you. big fab of this one. there’s a segment in the middle of The Dancing Babies reminds me of another song so so much and i cant place it – its not a bad thing, as its such a bright and happy track, but it does throw me off. Traveller is a little darker, a little moodier, and i really like the voice they draw outta the brass here. very cinematic track. Dance Night’s nice – not quite and funky or groovy as i’d expect from the title, but still solid. but i didnt have to wait long, as the intro on Full Heart Fancy gets me every time – the heavy brass backing up the croobing sax kicks ass, and when it busts out into the trumpets blasting its an excellent sound. def my favorite track on the record. Flyway is a softer track that feels like the act of reminiscing. sweet, and hopeful. now, Pizza Day does have a vibe that matches the title – this has all the joyful, youthful energy that the phrase “Pizza Day” conjures in your brain. there’s also a lot of fun bonus percussion and additional instrumentation happening in this one, under the very fun brass. def seems like they had a ton of fun here. Familiar Places also lives up to its name, as the main hook here does sound really really familiar. nice track. Memories is mellower, generally, but brings in some electronic dance elements that i find really neat under the sax, and then when the full band comes in it feels like such an excellent blast of good vibes. It’s Not Goodbye is a nice lil culmination of sorts – def feels like an emotional crest for the record. Mo’ Momo is a sleeker, sexier track – feels like a fun way to cut loose here at the end of the album. the “chorus” here absolutely rips.

faves – Halway to the Hudson, Traveler, Full Heart Fancy, Memories
dislikes –

yeah i had a great time with this record, as the band does a TON with the brass + percussion combo, bringing in funky, jazzy, high energy compositions that get you moving. some really excellent tracks here, and even the tracks that i wasnt a huge fan of still put in a lot of work. check this one out if, like me, you lose it at a good horn line.

Lucky Chops – 7/10

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