morning folks! we’re gonna be checking out a short entry in the Mountain Goats discography – it’s 1998’s EP, New Asian Cinema.

Cao Dai Blowout is an interesting song, the first literal haunting we’ve gotten. i like it. Korean Bird Paintings is a sad one. i dont know for sure that the subject the speaker is chasing the memory of has passed but man it feels like it, like a desperate last gesture after the end, to try to connect to something. Narakaloka is an odd one. the mix almost drowns Darnielle out, and i think it’s interesting how the intro is sort of repeated after the twist near the end. i dont know that ive fully processed this one. strange. i REALLY like the metaphor of carrion feeders for revisiting a toxic old relationship in Golden Jackal Song. very very interesting play on this one. Treetop Song is a wild song about a car crash, haha. interesting closer.

faves – Cao Dai Blowout
dislikes –

this was a neat little EP, and it’s got some fun explorations, but ultimately a little sparse for me.

New Asian Cinema – 4/10

next week we’ll be taking a look at the first of the compilations of the early work, Protein Source of the Future… Now!, released in 1999

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