welcome back to the Skaject folks! we’re checking out the debut EP from Japanese ska band Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, released in 1989, 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)

this starts with ペドラーズ (“Peddlers”), which is a cover of Korobeiniki (also translates to “The Peddlers”, haha), a traditional Russian song most well known for being used in Tetris. this is a fun cover! スキャラバン, aka Skaravan, is a ska rendition of the standard Caravan. another really fun track, and neat that they’re doing the same kinda thing the Skatalites do, haha. スカンボ (“Skambo”) feels a bit like the previous tracks, like it’s probably a jazz standard or a well known track, but i can’t quite place it. JUST A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR SOUL absolutely rips. very very fun track that really lets the band let loose. lotta really fun engaging work from the brass and horns here. ホリデイ(“Holiday”) is a pleasant little stroll of a track. クリスマスカ(“Christmaska”) is probably the song i don’t really like. it’s a medley primarily based around Joy to the World, and i dunno. probably nice on a holiday playlist but Christmas music just isn’t really my thing.

faves – スキャラバン (Caravan), JUST A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR SOUL
dislikes –

extremely, extremely strong start for, as they sometimes are known, Skapara. i’ve dived about halfway through their discography before, and knowing what i know its very appropriate that their initial foray is mostly instrumental tracks, showing that big band sound, executed extremely well. neat EP. check it out if you’ve been missing stuff closer to the Jamaican sound.

東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra) – 7/10

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