morning folks! we’re back today with the next Mountain Goats EP – it’s Nine Black Poppies, released in 1995. let’s dig in!

okay straight up they absolutely play their best card first – Cubs In Five is a great song and easily the strongest on the record. it’s extremely clean and straightforward, and the poetic twist here is very very effective. fantastic. Going to Utrecht is aight. Cheshire County seems to fly by me every time – its a really nice song but something just causes it to slide off, haha. Chanson Du Bon Chose is an incredibly interesting track. this is one of those that under different light could really enrapture me. got some weird stuff going on here, little track. Pure Money kicks off with that very disruptive radio sample, and then transitions into an incredibly quiet track. I Know You’ve Come To Take My Toys Away was the dark horse for me on this EP – this track kicks ass. really works for me, musically. the title track, Nine Black Poppies, feels a lot like Chanson Du Bon Chose, where it’s almost over the edge for me. maybe in the future. a nice dark track. Stars Fell On Alabama’s p solid. i know the closer, Lonesome Surprise, is a cover of a song by a band called Refrigerator, and was a radio performance where they phoned the original vocalist in to join him, but oof the execution doesn’t really do it for me.

faves – Cubs In Five, I Know You’ve Come To Take My Toys Away
dislikes –

yeah i don’t think a majority of this EP is super engaging for me, but it is very pleasant. the two standout tracks are very very good, but the rest of the EP just ain’t really my style.

Nine Black Poppies – 5/10

next up is a record released in 1996, it’s Nothing For Juice.

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