welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’ve got a another shorter entry – we’re checking out a Berkeley band that got a lot of traction at 924 Gilman (a central place in another band i’ve looked at on this site), Operation Ivy, with their debut EP, Hectic.

Junkie’s Runnin’ Dry is an interesting song – comparing folks craving normalcy and conformity to addicts. v catchy track, even if i might not go for this metaphor, haha. Here We Go Again is a really good track, and i really enjoy how the bass steps back and walks it through this song. some of the chorus is playing in the same call-delivery space i associate with the Beastie Boys, and it works here. Hoboken is frantic and energetic – i have a good time with this one. Yellin’ In My Ear is a short, sweet track decrying authority. good time, the guitar here is really really fun. i’m familiar with Sleep Long from covers, but i think the original shines with a kind of unbridled anger that i enjoy a lot here. Healthy Body plays in a similar space as the first track, decrying a pursuit of what society considers an “ideal” at the detriment of yourself and your identity, and i really like how they explore it here (plus the ska guitars are great here).

faves – Here We Go Again, Yellin’ In My Ear, Sleep Long, Healthy Body
dislikes –

this is a really bright EP that wears its roughness like a badge of honor. i REALLY like how bare this is – this type of punk that’s a tad fuzzy and has holes in the space between the instruments has some really interesting interplay, yknow? lyrically, this feels righteously juvenile, and while i’m not in love with the vocals they’re very effective at the delivery. but i think this really shines instrumentally – i keep going in phases as the tracks progress where i love what the bass is doing, or there’s some really good guitar noodling, or the drums bust out kick ass. very fun, short, energetic package, and i can’t help but be a fan.

Hectic – 8/10

next up, we’re checking out the Toaster’s 1988 record, Thrill Me Up!

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