welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’ve got a short entry today – Fishbone’s 1987 Christmas EP, It’s a Wonderful Life.

the title track here’s pretty good, bringing the type of frantic energy i expect from Fishbone for sure. i haven’t seen the movie so i’m sure i’m missing something but its a p solid track. Slick Nick, You Devil You isn’t my fave – the premise is fine but the track definitely drags a bit. Iration is a really interesting track about religious hypocrisy – def didn’t expect to hear something like this here, haha. Just Call Me Scrooge is pretty tongue in cheek, lol.

faves –
dislikes –

yup! this one’s a Christmas EP. i actually forgot this was a Christmas EP when i was checking my notes before putting it on so getting through the tracks and making that realization was pretty funny. not bad at all, but nothing here that’ll make me listen to this any more frequently than the Christmas season, and even then probably not that often, haha.

It’s a Wonderful Life – 4/10

next week, we’re taking our first step into 1988 with Laurel Aitken joining the Potato 5 again on True Fact. (Edit: turns out, this one’s a lot harder to find, so we’re skipping it and going to Operation Ivy’s debut EP, Hectic)

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