welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week we check out a collaboration between Laurel Aitken and a British ska band, the Potato 5, and their current lead singer, Floyd Lloyd, in…. Meets Floyd Lloyd & the Potato 5. not really mincing words on that one, huh.

Tear Up is our intro track, and it’s really laid back and pleasant. got a nice chorus here too. Jesse Jackson… doesn’t have a ton of lyrical stuff here, but damn instrumentally this song rocks. Spin on Your Head is a shorter, instrumental track. v nice! Big City’s nice. i REALLY like Western Special – very much my kinda track. Sally Brown is a track i know by cover – it’s really cool to hear the original! Mad About You is a slightly older fashioned song – not too bad. Sahara’s got some nice style to it but ultimately ain’t my fave. Long Time is a pretty good closer, but again, just fine for me.

faves – Jesse Jackson, Western Special
dislikes –

i got no problems with this record – nothing here is like, breakout outstanding but the grooves are nice and the beats are very very pleasant – give this one a shot if you like some polished ska songs.

Meets Floyd Lloyd & the Potato 5 – 6/10

next week, it’s the Toasters’ first full record, Skaboom!

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