welcome folks! this week brings us to the most current record in the Squirrel Nut Zipper’s discography, 2020’s Lost Songs of Doc Souchon. let’s see what it’s got in store for us!

Animule Ball is a cover of a song from the 30s by a gentleman by the name of Jelly Roll Morton – a very amusing opener for sure. i’m not a huge fan of this cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – it’s sleazy in many of the right places, but it feels a bit… too overproduced? if that makes sense? feels wrong. She’s Ballin’ has some bright moments but whoa am i not a fan of the vocal processing on this track. i kinda like Train on Fire – it’s very moody and spacious, and that’s an interesting vibe mixed with the slightly fuzzy quality to Mathus’s vocals. Mr. Wonderful took me for a bit of a loop – shifting pretty heavily in style, haha. it’s fine. I Talk To My Haircut is a cover by Fred Lane that i wasn’t familiar with – fun song! Purim Nigun appears to be a cover or a standard, though i can’t seem to find details on the original. it’s a good instrumental track, and a nice fit for their style at this point. Cookie was originally a track by New Orleans Willie Jackson – it’s a p good song. i don’t care for this album’s rendition of Happy Days Are Here Again, and despite the fact that i like the sequencing of “high energy bombast with a calmer, reflective closer”, i don’t really enjoy Summer Longings either.

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yeah dunno. there’s nothing wrong with this record – got some good performances, the covers are good selections and the originals have some very cool style to them, but very little of this record really jumped out at me and in the end it just washed over me. probably a good listen for diehard SNZ fans or big fans of the swing genre, but this one’s probably not for me, personally.

Lost Songs of Doc Souchon – 3/10

thanks for joining me on this journey y’all, that brings us to the end of the discography, for now at least! swing by next week when we start a new discography – we’ll be looking at the works of alt-j!

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