welcome back to the Skaject folks! this week we’re taking a look at what is commonly accepted as the first Ska record released by a band in the States – it’s Wild Child, from the Untouchables, released in 1985.

kicking things off is the title track, Wild Child. p fun and energetic track, and a great start! I Spy (For the F.B.I.) is a very solid entry into the catalog of Ska songs about spying, haha. another really fun an high energy track. i think it suffers a tiny bit because it feels like it sounds very similar to Wild Child, and placing it right on the heels feels a bit odd. still fun! Freak in the Streets has a really good energy to it – feels extremely early rap and yknow what i love it. What’s Gone Wrong is a neat, slower track that feels the Jamaican ska influence a lot more strongly with the upstroke guitar core to the track and the mellower tempo. this one absolutely grew on me, and i think the bridge and the space around it is where it really shines. Free Yourself (Long Version)’s nice for sure. not a ton to say. Piece of Your Love gets a lil funkier – got some fun vibes. Soul Together’s also nice. probably one of less favored tracks on the record, but still a very nice time. Mandingo does a more active synthesis of the funkier and ska elements – this feels a lot like the earlier British ska and i am REALLY feeling it. Lasershow is a strange track – they’re trying out some really interesting things but i don’t think all of it lands. still a neat song. Lovers Again is a nice reflection to What’s Gone Wrong, dig the guitar work here. City Gent is an extremely high-energy closer – i’m a very big fan.

faves – Wild Child, Freak in the Streets, What’s Gone Wrong, Mandingo, City Gent
dislikes –

yeah this was an extremely fun time – a neat mix of funk, soul, and some early ska/reggae. songs were consistently catchy and groovy, and i would def recommend folks check this one out.

Wild Child – 8/10

next week, we’re gonna do an EP double feature – first we’ll look at the Toasters’ Recriminations, and i’ll follow that up with a post about Fishbone’s debut EP, Fishbone. see y’all then!

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