wow i really dragged my feet writing this review didn’t i – it’s been quite a while since i beat Psychonauts 2 and it’s taken this long for me to find the drive to sit down and write out my thoughts about it.

and i feel like it’s because i don’t have complicated thoughts about it. Psychonauts 2 was very fun, and exactly the kind of “more of the same” i’d like out of this kind of sequel. Raz is a great headstrong protagonist, and his moveset is robust and flexible. the controls are responsive, the levels are a blast to explore, and the designs throughout the game absolutely shine. i still think the usage of mindscapes to really push the limits of the level designs is a fantastic choice, and there are some real gems in this installment. i do feel like i’d like a little more thorough “completion” tools (like trackers and hints to where secrets are), but i didn’t have any major issues in that department.

the tone of the writing is the same level of obtuse and pulpy and silly, with the same amount of kid drama happening below the major plot and the same amounts of adult incompetence. that being said – i really liked the way the plot developed near the end of the game. my memory of the first game is a bit faded, but the way the twists happen and the way the stakes are raised are extremely satisfying and fairly moving.

so yeah, i had a ton of fun. if you enjoyed Psychonauts, and haven’t picked this one up…. what are you doing? why’d it take you longer than me to get to it? give it a shot, you’ll enjoy it.

and if you haven’t touched the series, well, give em both a shot!

Psychonauts 2 – 8/10