hello! this week we’re rounding out the Japanese Breakfast discography with 2021’s Jubilee!

i LOVE Paprika – the slowly cresting marching band sound, with Zauner’s vocals, and the horns at the chorus, godDAMN. phenomenal. i know for a fact i’ve heard Be Sweet before – it’s funky, it’s funny, and the imploring delivery of that chorus kicks ass. big fan of this one too. strong 80s vibe here. Kokomo, IN has some really sweet movements too it – the use of those saccharine strings is very neat. Slide Tackle’s cool – i dig those saxes. Posing In Bondage has such a wide, spacey soundscape to it. this one’s fantastic. Sit’s nice. lyrics are doing more for me here than the instrumental bits in the track, tbh. Savage Good Boy’s a neat, fun bit of satire, haha. In Hell is phenomenal and tragic at the same time, and my fave track from the back half of the record for sure. feeling some strong Smiths influences on this one for sure.

faves – Paprika, Be Sweet, Savage Good Boy, In Hell
dislikes –

i really liked this record – both for what it is and for what it almost is. i really liked the expanded use of instruments – more brass, more percussion, a lot of everything. i liked the way it wears influences and styles on its sleeves. i loved the huge variety in sounds here, stuff that’s more like the previous two records coexisting with stuff like Be Sweet. that being said… i def liked the first half of this record more than the back half. i know that’s a lot of personal song preference but those first two tracks SHINE so strongly it’s hard to not want more, haha. either way, really fun record, and i’m super pumped for more Japanese Breakfast in the future. Tactics is very tender in it’s brutal honesty. Posing For Cars closes the record here, and i think the huge solo at the end is neat.

Jubilee – 8/10

and that’s it for the Japanese Breakfast discography! technically speaking, they have done the soundtrack for the video game Sable, which i may need to check out at some point, dunno! maybe if i play Sable, or if enough folks want me to take a look at it.

either way, next week i’ll be taking a second to catch up with a prior discography and checking out Gorillaz’s newest record, Cracker Island, before moving on to the next discography review: Sycamore Smith. stay tuned for those!

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