morning folks! this week continues our discography review of MF DOOM, with the last solo record, 2009’s Born Like This.


after a few years away, DOOM opens this record with Supervillain – its fine. Gazzilion Ear is our first track here after that opening, and its some solid DOOM flow over a couple solid beats. very nice. Ballskin’s a nice lower key track. Raekwon provides the vocals on Yessir!, and im just aight on this one. i dig Absolutely quite a bit – very good lyrical content and an interesting way to tie the villain role to social commentary. Rap Ambush is a solid rap brag track. the RPG joke is p goof here, haha. Lightworks is a mix of a J Dilla track, with DOOM’s vocals over it. fun beat. Batty Boyz has some homophobic lyrics to it that is a side of DOOM thats been around a lil but Dumile’s said is part of the villainy. personally that rings a little hollow and this kinda shit just sucks, but thats me. Ghostface Killah provides a verse on Angelz, which has some DENSE wordplay on it. just moving real fast over some incredible stuff. wild that Cellz uses a Bukowski reading as an intro. p good track. Empress Starhh lays down some real good bars on Still Dope. Microwave Mayo is just wall to wall DOOM verse. p solid one here. More Rhymin’ is, well, more rhymin. no strong feelings here. That’s That closes out this string of DOOM dense track’s, and i think this one’s the strongest of the three. real fun. Supervillainz is the group cut – Kuriois, Mobonix, Posdnous, Prince Paul, and Slug are all here, and theyre all new to me, haha. the vocal hook here doesnt do it for me but the verses are p good. Bumpy’s Message is a nice moment of positivity. Thank Ya is a show gospel sampling track to act as an outro. little strange singe Bumpy’ s Message couldve functioned as an outro so it feels like a second step out – not fully unsuccessful but definitely a little strange.

faves –
dislikes –

yeah dunno this was nice but ultimately didnt do a ton for me, not gonna lie. there are some parts here that i really dig, like the string from Microwave Mayo to That’s That is pretty fun, and most of the features here work for me. but i def feel the lack of skits and chicanery thats normally in a DOOM record, and this feels a little muted as a result.

Born Like This – 5/10

next up, we’ll be looking at Keys to the Kuffs, released with Jneiro Jarel as JJ DOOM.

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