welcome back to the Skaject folks! today we’re still looking at The Maytal’s, and this time we’re checking out their release from the very next year, The Sensational Maytals!

The Sensational Maytals opens with It’s You I Love. its a nice, bright, lively track, i like this one. Daddy is just ooookay. Never You Change brights it back a bit more lively – i like the kind of cadence shift for the chorus. nice track. If You Act This Way aint bad – but another pleasant little track for sure. You Make Me Feel The Way I Do and What’s On Your Mind continue that vibe. My New Name has some spicy little riffs in it, i dig. Fever’s real good too – i like the little call and response they do. oooh we last heard She Will Never Let Me Down on the Byron Lee record Plays Jamaica Ska. this recording ain’t too bad but i think i prefer the other one. still a good song. I Know is a nice mellow follow up. Tell Me the Reason is the closer of the record, and its a nice little capstone. not bad.

faves – It’s You I Love, My New Name, Fever
dislikes –

yeah this was a real pleasant listen but ultimately not super standout for me. i like this sound and i’m excited to hear more from them tho!

The Sensational Maytals – 5/10

next up we’re gonna checking out the Skatalites again with Ska-Boo-da-Ba (Top Sounds From Top Deck), also released in 1965.

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