at some point in the last year and a half, i was recommended The Fearless Flyers’ Tailwinds and absolutely loved it. so i was extremely excited to see this EP drop earlier this month and dig into it.

Fearless Flyers III kicks off with Patrol Acrobatique, a real jammy, bass-forward track with some real fun percussion and rhythm guitar. excellent opener for the EP. Running Man has an excellent rhythm to it in the first half, with the strings working in tandem and the drums just leading the pack here. the track always swerves on me with the lower-key second half, haha. Three Bases builds off the mellower jam from the back half of Running Man. feels like a little break. Reelin’ In the Years is a really fun instrumental cover. i vibe with this one. Flyers Funk is the, well, funkiest groove on thr EP, this one’s a fantastic time. Vespa is a fantastic high-energy closer, it gets heavier and brings in some really fun distortion and effects.

faves – Flyers Funk, Vespa
dislikes –

yeah i don’t have a ton to say about this EP as a whole package – the performances were fantastic, the songs were foot-tapping and jammy, i adored the grooves, and structurally it was extremely solid. a great time.

Fearless Flyers III – 8/10