alrighty, time for the first contemporarily written KGLW review for this site! hell yeah! it’s Satanic Slumber Party, a rip-roarin’ collab between King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Tropical Fuck Storm released a few days ago, March 15 2022. i have no experience with TFS at all so this’ll be neat.

Part 1, the Chairman’s Portrait, is a great forward or prologue to the EP. the strange electronic sounds, the vocally distorted lyrics, it’s a great vibe setter, and it transitions so well into the next track. Part 2, Midnight In Sodom, absolutely rips. this track is a fantastic good time, kinda playing in space i’d expect from a band like Ghost, and they do a great job with it here. i especially love the harmonica sprinkled around the second half of the track, haha. Part 3 (Hoof and Horn) does a lot over it’s 12 minute runtime. not gonna lie it definitely FEELS like the fallout of a gruesome ritual, that this is the otherworldly shit they summoned going and doing it’s thing. honestly, this track isn’t really my jam. KGLW can get me to fuck with a long track these days (drip drip from that tap don’t slip), but this one shifts in and out of even really having much to focus on – the “lyrics” that drop the name of the track are an interesting bit, and the definitely KGLW running stuff that comes back in over their bird sounds and background noise for a bit near the end are great, but they’re buried so far in, and there’s so much stuff between them that i really am just not a fan of.

faves – Satanic Slumber Party Part 2 (Midnight In Sodom)

dislikes –

yknow i probs shouldn’t be surprised by KGLW collabing with TFS – way back on 12 Bar Bruise the track Garage Liddiard is a reference to Gareth Liddiard, frontman of the Drones and cofounder of TFS.

man this track really flexes in all of what it brings in. lucky, them breaking it into so few and clearly segmented pieces makes it really easy for me to talk about it as a whole. this feels like a wild frantic ritual and the long, drawn out consequences of that, they def nailed the vibes. unfortunately, i don’t love the sonic scape of the component of the record that takes up 2/3 of the runtime, which is a bummer. if this was 18 minutes of Midnight in Sodom they’d have me signing up for a whole damn weekend retreat but for now i’ll just enjoy the overnight stay.

Satanic Slumber Party – 4/10

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