alright, so Orville Peck dropped an EP just under two weeks ago that i only just got a chance to sit down and digest. looks like this is Bronco: Chapter 1, and is 4 tracks off an album that’s out on April 8th, which is really exciting! i was a fan of a lot of the music off Pony, his last record, so i was extremely excited when i found this out in the wild. let’s dig in!

C’mon Baby, Cry is an absolute gem of a track. theres a lot of musical influences here – im getting some ABBA near the chorus, for example. its a really neat track because this feels like it attempting to do what some stadium country does, in that its almost scaling up that sound and blending in some pop, but that comparison’s gonna feel like an insult and i think this song does it extremely well. part of that is the theme, the lyrics are about a small, tender moment, and i like the contrast with this loud flashy song that in other contexts could’ve been a ballad, yknow? i think the music video is a good pair – Peck gets up on stage at a bar and belts this out, but its a small and dingy bar, haha. its a really neat expansion of a small moment. i think this song’s EXCELLENT. Daytona Sand has an incredible sweeping pace to it. when it slows down after the chorus, it doesnt lose any momentum either, which i find impressive. i really like this track. Outta Time is porch track, or a laid back cruising track, and i’m about it, its p good. Meema mentioned Dierks Bentley’s What Was I Thinking when they heard Any Turn, which i think is a fair comparison. my fave part of the track is when it swells into its chorus around 1:30, but on the whole the track’s just solid.

faves – C’mon Baby, Cry, Daytona Sand

dislikes –

yeah i had a really good time with this EP. i mean, i went in a fan of Orville Peck’s approach to writing country music, but this EP is focusing a lot more heavily on some faster pace or livelier tracks than i remember his last full LP doing, which you know i’m a fan of. none of these tracks drag their feet, and the EP as a whole doesnt waste a lot of time. if this is what Bronco: Chapter 1 sounds like, mark me down as extremely excited for Chapter 2.

Bronco: Chapter 1 – 7/10